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What Our Customers Say

“Wow. So glad to have found this little dinner. Real authentic Mexican dishes, I've only had the breakfast here but that's enough to for me to love this place. I've tried their chilaquiles, so good! Said order comes with rice, beans and eggs. So flavorful!"


- Cindy V.

Los  Angeles, Ca.

“I love this restaurant! The food is consist and delicious. They have a very small menu, but what they do, they do it well! They have daily specials to keep things interesting, in a very trendy, "hipster", atmosphere, and the price is fair.


- David T.

Los  Angeles, Ca.

“The service was thumbs up. And I was super pleasantly surprised to receive a tasty nachos app soon after we placed our order. I'm a huge fan of any place that offers chips & salsa, but nachos? That's basically the fastest way to my heart."



- Lans S.

Los  Angeles, Ca.


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An oasis of bold Mexican and American flavors and spirited fun

Original Mexican dishes and foods combined with American meals as well